Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Absolute SMS Text Messenger

The bulk SMS industry changed substantially over the last two years or so as sp@m became an issue with carriers and the industry defined itself by distinguishing between the features of a route and the price the client pays.As a result, we now live with a situation where "you get what you pay for". In an earlier article, we discussed how a bulk SMS client should choose the route he wish to use. We BulkSMS enables single and multiple users to send and receive SMS messages using:

BulkSMS's Desktop Software

The BulkSMS Web site

Your Email Software

Your Mobile

One of BulkSMS's API's

The BulkSMS application programming interfaces (eAPI's) are easy to integrate, making it the best choice for developers and your company to SMS enable your own systems.The benefit of BulkSMS messaging for tourism is that it provides a personalised communication channel in a service intensive industry and allows service providers to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

BulkSMS provides several products and services for sending and receiving SMS messages. Once registered on the BulkSMS platform, a user has access to all of them. Some of the topics are Listed below to get more information on that product or service.

the BulkSMS Text Messenger

the BulkSMS Website

your Email Software

Mobile2Group from your Cellphone

Absolute SMS Software

This is feature rich software is easy to install and use. It has a familiar look and feel, similar to your e-mail client. Replies to messages are received in an Inbox. Messages can be replied to, or forwarded to others. The software was designed to facilitate quick group and individual messaging.

Additional features are:

Creation of distribution groups.

Easy Outlook Address book integration.

Quick messaging to large groups (+20,000 contacts) and individuals.

Personalised messaging.

Detailed reporting of all sent and received messages.

Detailed reporting of all sent and received messages.

Uploading of databases and linking to external datasources.

The Absolute SMS Website

Web to Absolute SMS Web to SMS service enables you to send SMS’s to individuals and groups using the BulkSMS web based SMS messaging platform. Open your BulkSMS accnout and start using the Web to SMS platform now.

Key Features:

Send SMS’s to individuals and groups from the internet

Personalise outgoing messages

Schedule messages to be sent at a later date

Upload existing lists from Tab delimited files

View message delivery reports

View history of messages sent

Provides secure messaging using SSL encryption technology

Email to SMS

Our Email to SMS service enables you to use your current email programme (MS Outlook, Gmail, etc) to send and receive SMS messages. It is a powerful tool for office communication.

Key Features:

Use your current email programme to send individual or group SMS’s

Send SMS’s from several email addresses using only one BulkSMS account

Receive responses to SMSs in your email Inbox

Mobile to Group

The Mobile to Group service enables you to enjoy out of office mobility with limited access to BulkSMS’s online solutions. It enables you to send SMS's to your online phonebook groups from your cellphone.In order to send a text message from your cellphone via the BulkSMS system, all you need to do is send an SMS to the BulkSMS system identifying the group you wish to send to as well as the message you wish to send. The message will then be forwarded to the members of that group by the BulkSMS system.

Mobile to Group is an advanced feature under Web to SMS message sending. Open your BulkSMS account and start using the Web to SMS platform now.

Key Features:

* Stay in touch with your work team when travelling

* Update colleagues on various items when you do not have access to internet or email

* Get a message out urgently when you don’t have time to access your computer